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Monday 11 January 2010

Well, it's back to work for me tomorrow.  Ack, it's not so bad, I guess.  A few ideas on the horizon so that the same old same old doesn't necessarily stretch ahead of me all year.  So many more opportunities and options this year than the last, simply because my mindset is better, my emotions more grounded.  Here's to a good 2010 with bits of adventure in it *clink*.

I had a good, decent sort of a break.  Two and a half weeks is long enough to feel rested, but because I didn't have a whole lot of cash this year, it's not been the most exciting of holidays.  Indeed, the sort of holiday I would have liked was probably the opposite of what it was, but for all that I do feel rather rejuvenated.  I hope next year I am off abseiling or snorkelling with a naked man some good company.  Something that feels stretching, but only because I haven't done lots of exciting things for a while.  I have a good feeling about this year.

I've missed writing here in depth but I haven't had much to say lately.  The creative blog juices are still there, however, and I am looking forward to stirring some of the backburner pots and crapping on at you soon, dear reader.  I've actually recently finished a short story that I shall put on my other blog when I've redrafted the latest version (is looking to be about 5000 words in the end, which is pretty cool and feels wonderful considering I couldn't finish anything for so long).  I'm also in the middle of a rather long-taking sculpture which is pretty fun, and there's several more ideas in the pipeline.

I chatted on the phone to Kel today for the first time!  It was lovely to put a face to the name.  She is as nice and lovely as I thought she would be (and especially considering she'd just been attacked at the dentist's.)  I hope next time we chat we can actually get together instead of me piking because I'm exhausted and it's too hot (wuss).

However, it was 43 degrees here today (109F).  Bit of cabin fever 'cos really, what the hell can you do in that sort of heat except stay inside?  All I've done all day is lie on the couch, watch movies, watch TV, sleep and read.  And of course, as is usual for a night owl, it hits 7.30 pm and I manage to fit three hours sculpting in :)

How 'bout you?  How you goin'?


  1. You've been steppin out on us with another blog, and not ever informed me....Hmm details please for this newbie. Happy New Year thing, 43 C does boggle the mind. Hey but up here the VanOc bunch are thinking of changing the theme for the opening ceromonies(of the winter olympics)to the west side story, fyi apparently the local ski hills are losing 1cm of snow every hr....(forcasting 5 days of rain with temps around 10C)
    Hope things go well for you this year. I'll be back...


  2. OMG, Jon, that's not good news! Sympathies from Montreal!

    I am anxious to get back in the swing of things again. The Christmas hiatus is over at last. My calligraphy workshop recommences on Wednesday. Other activities are kicking in again. It feels good. I am grateful our temperature is well below freezing (-6 C with light flurries predicted, but so far absent). I could not deal with 43C. If it gets to -40 C next month, I may revise that position.

  3. Jon - I had to look up what VanOc meant :) Now I am au fait that they are some sort of committee for the Winter Olympics. So can you run that by me again? You are losing 1cm of snow an HOUR???? That damn El Nino, he's messing with us, isn't he? And with the Olympics as well - eek!!

    Hope things go well for you too. Happy New Year *clink*. Regarding the blogs, I've moved my personal stuff over to this new address, and my old blog I am keeping to put arty sort of stuff on.

    Barbara - it's nice to get back into the swing, isn't it. A nice balmy minus 6, huh? :) Well, enjoy that well below freezing weather. A friend who is living in Toronto suggested I go to Canada instead of England as I was proposing on my Facebook page yesterday to get away from the heat. He said Canada winters are much better than England's as they're far less damp.

    Enjoy your return to your calligraphy workshop. It's nice to have a break, and it's nice to go back, isn't it.

  4. PS Barb: Remember the kittehs under my house? I hadn't seen hide nor hair of them for months, and just recently I've caught sight of them here and there. Still living under the house, keeping the mouse population down. Just ran into one then. Lester surprised him or her out at the front of our block, and s/he ran past him, then dodged past me, hissing like a little kettle. Very cute!!! :)

  5. loved reading this peek of you. it was a balmy 53F here today, so i basked in the warmth :-) (yikes i can't believe your temp is twice that...) stay cool, susieQ.

  6. Far less damp are you freakin kidding me... I just had a 4 hour long shower today, at full throttle while delivering the mail. (All grinning though cause the new gortex uni was doing its thing and those new waterproof boots worked like a charm, and will continue to do so until the water is over the ankles then all bets are off... So all that got wet was a little bit of hair sticking out. Yah the weather guy was saying this morning that the snow was dissappearing rather quickly those figures were correct, they have just closed all the local ski hills, except Whistler although it was raining there too....

    Yah I guess we've got the global warming thing happening on this side of the country. Hey if any of you winter olympians stumble across this site, don't forget to bring your gortex rain gear(heavy duty) and your umbrella's :)


  7. Beyond the Rockies, Canada is cold and occasionally snowy and icy for maybe 6 months a year. It is a dry cold. I felt colder at warmer temperatures when I was living in Japan. The moisture in the air freezes up as well! Down in NYC at Christmastime, it felt "off", almost nauseatingly warm, although people were bundled up. Try inhaling and feel like the air is crystallizing in your nose! When it gets above freezing here, kids put on their summery clothes! If you come to Canada in the wintertime, be prepared and dress layered.

    Glad to know the kittehs are still around. Life as a feral cat is short and brutish often. They must get a sense of protection from your home.

  8. we survived the heatwave!!!
    without any major bushfires as yet
    that's a good thing

    nice to chat and put a voice to the name at last Susie Q
    unfortunately I have very little recollection of what was said (due to large amounts of dental drugs and painkillers swilling in the system)

    . . . . .

  9. What a fascinating couple of comments. One person gearing up in the heavy duty rain gear with the snow turning to slush. Another one recounting the depths of cold that I hope never to experience :) (Although a dry cold sounds good, just like dry heat is good). And another celebrating the fact that the heatwave is over for now. Weather! Where would we be without it? :)

    That kitteh spitting like a kettle, I wish I'd caught it on a photo, Barbara. Yes, I think they must be going okay in their little spot here. I know one of them got hit by a car, poor bub, but I think there are three. Or two, at least. May they live here peacefully for long time.

    Kel, you strung all your words together and made perfect sense (but maybe you were dribbling while you did, haha :) Glad you got home safe and sound - I was wondering how close the bushfire at Cann River was to where you are?

  10. 109 ?????

    That's insane.

    Sounds like the kind of weather to go scuba diving with a naked man, if ya ask me....

  11. If you do go scuba diving, watch out for the jellies...

  12. yes 109 is insane!
    so is scuba diving with a naked man :-)))))

  13. Sue, Cann River is about 180km from where we are

  14. To be honest, girls, I'd probably run the other way from the naked man :) It sounds good on paper though, haha! :)


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