Saturday 16 January 2010

Yesterday, as the train pulled out of Footscray Station taking me home, I watched a pigeon, businesslike, walk in its bizarre Egyptian way down the middle of the platform.  Heading towards what I don't know, but it sure had a strutting but relaxed purpose about it.

Sometimes the smallest of things ground me into the earth. The way a pigeon can walk in that awfully jarring way and be relaxed at the same time 'cause that's just how it is in pigeonland.  The criss-crosses on the side of their necks.  That sort of thing.


  1. I can't think of the word I want because there are loud young people in my house. It was something profound about the pigeon, but I lost it.

  2. Everything is relative; everything. What seems a jarring and egyptian-like pigeon-walk to us, is comfortable and natural to a pigeon. And he probably thinks we walk all serious and straightforward and upright (if a pigeon were to think such a thing.) Isn't that true of everything?

  3. Barbara - I wonder where all those lost profundities go? Do you think we shall pick them all up again one day? :)

    Erin - yes, that's what makes me laugh. How could that be comfortable? But it is. NO sign of distress on his/her face at all, despite the jarring-looking flinging forward and back of the head. It crackes me up :) He probably would think we look all weird the way we walk, not much rhythm to us :)


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