Hello There, Everybody

Monday 15 March 2010

Hi, everyone!

I do miss writing here.  Before I know it, it's been 10 days.

I feel like the creative cogs are beginning to spin oiled again.  They are always seemingly necessarily accompanied by more meditation and yoga.  I have learned over the years to sit up in the ivory tower of my mind.  Before I know it, my body is trailing out behind me like a pair of jeans flapping on the clothesline, and I wonder why I feel flighty, anxious.  I cannot still my mind enough, nor be centred in my body enough, to write from any kind of interesting/interested space without those two beautiful, beautiful practices.

It is entirely unsurprising to me that when I do practice yoga and meditation that I remember my dreams more.  It is a never-ending source of amazement to me how different life looks when it is centred from within my body. All the good stuff happens from this space.  The world regains some of its mystery and beauty from here, too.  I feel earthed, I feel whole, I feel slightly less loopy :)

Although the cogs are becoming oiled, the thought of actually sitting down to write here has been a bit unappealing now I've started working more hours from home and therefore typing more.  On top of that, I have also been chatting a whole lot online to a certain person, and so the last thing I have felt like doing the past 10 days or so is sitting down and ... typing more in front of the computer!

But I shall return.  Last week was my first week of working from home and I actually put in an extra 12 hours of typing time that were due to glitches and ironings out and stuff-ups that saw me transcribing without a foot pedal for a few days.  I plan on using some of those extra 12 hours on more edifying things like blogging and smoothing clay over the next few weeks :)

I do miss this space so!  Someone commented to me a few weeks ago how so many blogs across the board have slowed or halted completely in favour of Facebook.  I admit, I am particularly guilty of Facebooking myself into a frenzy.  But Facebook can never replace the likemindedness of blogging, for me.

I love this time of year.  It is a time of rebalance, after the heat of the Summertime and the relaxing of every sort of timetable possible.  Now, as the earth balances herself, with the Northern and Southern hemispheres experiencing the same beautiful sweet sort of weather, and the earth approaches the equinox, where day and night are equal, I find myself returning slowly to greater balance also.  How about you, peeps?  Wots up wif you?


  1. a whole lotta chatting online to a certain person

    boo to everyone who's dumped blogging for facebook
    i've noticed it too, traffic and posting drops on blogs, and if a post is more than a paragraph or two ... well, we now have to fight the attention span of all those twits who can only cope with so many characters per post


    next weekend is autumn equinox
    we will be home
    so loghenge will get it's first real christening

  2. A certain person??
    Glad to see you back, and that the cogs are turning again. You're right, a bit of body earthing is important.
    I feel like it's heresy to say I hate Facebook, but... I hate Facebook! I like Twitter because you can dip in and out, and I find lots of interesting stuff there, but people on Facebook want you to play with sheep and stuff. And people you were never friends with in real life track you down and want to be Facebook friends. Why?
    Anyway, Kel, we don't want twits reading our blogs do we?

  3. I have fallen to the short and to the point Fb posting myself which has bled over to my blog psotings also. It has made putting together a longer blog post something less likely for quite awhile now. I'm not convinced that it is a bad thing though. I myself have also found myself in a season of not reading much as far as books or long articles. It kinda just feels like the ebb and flow of things. A time of just thinking and pondering on the things right in front of me.

  4. Tess I like the body earthing term :)
    and you're right, we don't want twits reading our blogs !!!

    now Susie Q, about this certain person . . .

  5. Hello There, Sue Z Q! I've missed your blog and will always be a Blogger first and a FB second (Facebooker, not f______ b_____. Although someone did call me that once).

    I want to become more consistent with yoga! You inspire me. I never do it consistently and therefore don't get the benefits.

  6. Good to read your voice again, Sue. You have been missed.

    Around here, we have been enjoying a premature springtime. It was a very mild winter and you can only find bits of snow in the shadier areas. It is energizing for me as well as my kittehs. Do you have daylight savings time in Oz?

  7. Yes, I have been chatting a lot to a particular person. One of those boy-type people. And that's about all I have to say about that at this stage :)

    Kel - ooh, yay for loghenge christenings!!! :) I look forward to seeing the pics. And now I'm working more and making more money (tho not 75 bucks an hour unfortunately :) then I really hope to get up to your place one extended weekend. Maybe in the spring :)

    Tess - that's interesting that you say you hate Facebook but like Twitter. I think I hate Twitter for the very reasons that you like it, haha! But really, I guess in the end all technology has real drawbacks don't they, even while they are enabling us all to talk to each other across the miles. But yeah, I hate all that sheep stuff too :)

    Kent - well, you write notes on FB though, which are like blog posts, really. So in that way it's not so different, right? But still, I think FB is like the local cafe, whereas blogs are like going to someone's house :) Sounds like an interesting season you are in, and definitely must have been a crazy ride for you going to Kenya!

    BarbaraLayla - I have not been consistent with yoga since before Xmas. When I sprained my toe, and then the hot weather set in ... and boy, I tell you, I really can feel a difference. I am having to push myself to do it these days, whereas before, I would be hanging to do it after a couple of days. I look forward to being back into that space again ... it's such a worthwhile endeavour, and good for us types who need grounding into our bodies or we fly off on anxiety cords :)

    Barefoot Barbara - thank you. A premature springtime, eh? Well, that's always a nice thing. Interesting that it was a mild winter in your area and a really heavy one in others. I think that's why I prefer the term "climate change" rather than "global warming" :) Here's to energizing for you and the kittehs!! Yeah, we do have daylight savings. And it's ending in the next couple of weeks. And then after that it's a pretty quick slide down to the sun slipping away early :)

  8. hmm facebook like a cafe, blog like someone's home
    nice analogy there

    a boy-type person ... aieeeee
    dontcha know they have germs :)

  9. "But Facebook can never replace the likemindedness of blogging, for me." So refreshing to hear that : )
    Blogging is definitely superior to facebook, I do believe. There is really no comparison. I am not a big facebook fan, as you know.


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