Thursday, 15 April 2010

You forgot it was like this.  You feel like you could look in and fall, look in and drown.

Sometimes you have to look away.  Sometimes it is all a little intense.

But you don't want to ever look away.  You want to savour every moment of this, the sweetness.  You forgot about how bottomless this feels.  You forgot how it feels like the first time and yes,  Radio Susie is incessant in her blaring of old Foreigner songs, sappy lyrics and old poetry and it's all been said before but you forgot, you forgot, how it always feels like you two are the only ones ever, ever to feel this way.

How new everything is.  So much to discover.  Like the moments just before dawn on a slightly chilly morning, the promise of warmth and light, everything so fresh.  Everything already said before :)

You think that this must be how God views everything and everyone, all the time.

You really do think it's possible you could fall in and drown, in the deep brown wells that are his eyes.


  1. You sound very happy, Sue. 'Tis Good:D I'm happy for you.

  2. crank up the air supply
    "two less lonely people in the world . . ."


    yay you!

  3. Awww...that sounds so nice. Seems good and I'm glad! Happy Sue :)

  4. Way cool....hope it's good

  5. Mystic Brit - I am rather happy, yes :) Thank you, my dear man. I am happy for you being happy for me. Now, if you will only come back and be happy for me being happy for you being happy for me, perhaps we could blow the world up with bubbles :)

    Lucy - me too :)

    Kel - oh, my dear woman, you can surely come and live inside Radio Susie. Oh, how BAD is that song??? :)

    Erin - yeah. Thanks honey :)

    Jo - yes, it is good so far :)

  6. You, too, Sue? Very, very good, isn't it?

  7. Wow, Mike, really? Well, I wish oodles and oodles and chunk and great giant massive enormous blobs of happiness to you, my dear man :)

  8. She's another Susan, too (only not to be called Sue!)... and she also has the most beautiful deep brown eyes. Totally unexpected, gloriously happy... And all the very best to you, and to this very lucky guy, too!


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