is missing Facebook a little bit.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

But not enough to rejoin.

Two friends separately asked me yesterday to rejoin Facebook so that we could keep up with each other more easily.  Even though we all know that texting and emailing and stuff are all other options with which to contact me.

And it's that strangeness which fuels the resistance that continues (although, admittedly, I did log on the other day for five minutes before I "deactivated" again  :)


  1. perhaps we could make some kind of counter to go on our know...54 days facebook free


    for the lazy-bone friends, i still have my name on facebook with the ability to message me, but no more wall, photos, etc etc.
    interestingly, it seems 'out of sight out of mind' is the reality for many facebook 'friends'

  2. It's hard to swim upstream. Good for you for sticking with it. I would think it's better not to make it out to be something you have to prove, but I would also advise against listening to anyone but your own soul about going back. It's a good thing to listen to. :)

    Besides, it really is a royal time-sucker. I have to be careful, or I can waste hours there.

  3. haha...gotta counter on my blog now :-)

    you're right Erin, it's not about 'proving' anything, its about 'freeing' up our soulspace if and when we feel the need

  4. Knowing you are not on Facebook anymore is the only reason I posted my latest blog post. I figured you would love seeing it and reading about what I had been up to. You seem to like such things :-)

  5. Kel, I think the whole 'out of sight out of mind' thing is what irritates me the most about it, really. I understand it, but when you stand back a few feet and look at it, it's sorta bizarre. Cool about that counter :)

    Erin - it's amazing what a timesucker it is, isn't it. And it *does* feel like a soulsucker to me too. Invades the headspace, and it's crowded enough in there already! :)

    Kent - well, thank you kind sir. I'm glad you posted it - I am inspired by your selfless & childlike gardening escapade :)


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