Susie's Amazing Technicolour ...

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Why does so much of what I draw end up being  ... well, vaginal, when it's not being treelike?



  1. well it looks like you combined both elements in this one :-)

    do i follow the line of thought from your title that this is a 'dreamcoat'?

  2. I think it reminds me of a holding the seed of life of a tree.

    But yes, vaginal. :)

  3. Kel - I'm not sure if that's why it occurred to me at the beginning. Because it is a dreamcoat, isn't it, the body? A literal one as well as a metaphoric one. But in the end, the puerile laugher that came out of me at the thought of the term "Susie's Amazing Technicolour Vagina" is why I ended up posting it. Sigh. It seems I am never really going to grow up. :)

    Erin - I hadn't thought of a pinecone before. I can see what you mean :) I love the "woman as tree" thought. It permeates so much. Or woman as mountain, as I was just meditating on before. I'm reading a book called "Wherever You Go, There You Are" about mindfulness. (It's very good, I might add.) I was just imagining a beautiful mountain, a triangle-shaped snow-capped mountain that was full of trees all the way down, ending in rock, deeply rooted into the earth. A nice thought for how it feels in your body at the best of times - cool-headed and strongly rooted (and I don't mean that in the Australian way, either, although I suppose one probably leads to another :p


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