Thursday 22 September 2011

I don't like Ticketek's form.

A multinational corporation with a surely extremely-automated system, they charge $5 per transaction for you to take the ezyticket option, which gets emailed to you and you then print out on your computer.  I don't understand where the five bucks comes in.  I could understand a couple of bucks, but five?

Going one step further, they have now started charging $4.50 a ticket for ... well, actually, for no ticket at all.  My team is playing the precursor to the Grand Final this weekend, so if we win this game, we're going to the Big Dance.  Members of all four remaining clubs were given the opportunity today to log onto Ticketek to go into a ballot.  For the pleasure of simply taking your place in a queue, they charged $4.50 per ticket.

Which means, if, say, 100,000 AFL club members registered today - 25,000 per club, not such a far-fetched number - Ticketek, or the AFL (whichever scumbags are responsible) have just made a cool half a million bucks for doing fuck-all.

Which is highway robbery.  Disgraceful form.


  1. Well, I hope you get to the Dance, Sue. Maybe you could charge something for joining the queue for the chance of hearing you recite your blog posts. A definite business opportunity there:)

  2. that's disgusting
    i choose not to join that religion ;-)


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