The High Copper Person

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Emma mentioned in her comment to my last post about copper toxicity that as she searched for more info about it she came upon a page that mentioned showing "endless compassion for oneself" as a necessary attitude to help balance copper.

I went searching myself, and I really love what this person said:

Adequate rest and sleep are important. Any technique to help handle stress is also helpful. A simple but powerful technique for handling all negative emotions is given in an excellent book, Emissary of Light, by James Twyman. He suggests feeling our negative emotions purely, dissociating them from thoughts. Feel them in the body. Then move the feeling to the heart area, visualize a small door just in front of you, open the door and release the emotion. Realize that all feelings are just energies. They can be transmuted, sent forth and used for good.
High copper people are often sensitive, must acknowledge this and 'live their own truth'. At the same time, a careful look at one's attitudes, especially hidden fears, angers and resentments, is very important. Overcoming copper imbalance often involves overcoming deep fears.
Life is not always easy for the copper-toxic person. There is a temptation to become resentful or depressed at times. With understanding, nutritional help and endless compassion for oneself, these obstacles can be overcome. Then the creative, intuitive and loving qualities of the high-copper individual can shine through to the world.

This rings so true for me.  I have a big vat of old fear that has festered in the dark for years.  A big giant monster that accuses and binds.  "Living my own truth" sometimes feels like such a burden.  Knowing how to let go of fear has been and still is an onward and upward battle.  It is no surprise, I think, that turning to really acknowledge how deep my fears go has led to this place.  This was so helpful for me to read because it tells me what I know, and what I need to keep being reminded of.  I can definitely relate to feeling resentful and depressed.  I feel so often that I struggle to live properly in the world.  I feel so sensitive some days I think I could just melt through the floor, even without leaving the house.

Learning to deal with being me has been rather the difficult thing in recent months and my self-esteem has taken a battering.  I'm so grateful for the people I have around me who I know love and care for me, like Anthony, Andrea, Jane out in the real world and people like Erin, Kel Barbara and Harry and all the people who take the time to comment here.  Thank you everybody *mwah*.

Endless compassion for oneself.  Now, there's an idea :)


  1. waah... i thought i was living out in the real world, but perhaps it's all in my imagination


    would you like my smiley face cushion, he could sing 'don't worry be happy' to you and you could either take his advice or punch him in the face

    either way you'll feel much better

    trust me....i know

  2. Haha.  Okay, maybe I could have worded that differently :)

    Punching the cushion in the face sounds really good when he starts singing that bloody god-awful song.  I think it would be easier to take its advice in blessed silence, thanks very much :p

    Thanks, Kel :)

  3. i much prefer guy sebastian's version
    but the little cushion is cute, he cheers me up just by sitting there with that stupid grin on his face

  4. This little exchange made me smile! Be so compassionate toward yourself that you beg yourself to stop. And then ignore your pleadings;)

  5. That's a good approach, Harry :)

  6.  "Living my own truth" sometimes feels like such a burden"
    This is an excellent point. I think we're made to think it's supposed to be easier, but truer doesn't necessarily mean easier. Maybe it's like learning a new habit (and breaking an old one). Maybe it gets easier. Fingers crossed.

  7. I think it does get easier, Emma.  You know, I feel like I have been living my own truth.  I know in my body how it feels.  Even though some of the fears and things are still there, you're standing strong with that third chakra holding things up ;)  Such a strange feeling at the moment to have been thrown back into old regressions and to feel like I'm not going to be able to get back to that place.  That's how it feels ... which says a lot about copper and its strengths.  

    I guess too that in some ways it *might* be easier, but in other ways at the very same time it can be much harder.  Paradox, eh :)


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