Friday 20 January 2012

A small squishing noise comes through the open door from the darkened decking.

The possum has found the banana.

If you could see it, it would be sitting up on its back legs and nibbling the banana held in its front paws with small dainty bites.

You like yours ripe but firm.  Your partner likes them ripe and browning.  The possum likes them whatever way they come.


  1. I'm enjoying your "small stones", even if I don't have a a comment every day. Just had to let you know!

  2. I have watched those o'possums, too! I love how you have described his habits perfectly. I love my bananas ripe but firm. Guess I'm a little too picky.

  3. Maybe you just know what you like, Judith :)

  4. Thank you, Ms Erin.  I was thinking that maybe they were getting tedious, showing up in people's readers every day.  So thank you :)


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