Monday, 30 January 2012

Your tiredness competes with your absorption watching the kind of men's final you dream of.

Way past 1am, and way more people than you would have thought are awake like you, commenting on the game on Facebook.

Your dog sleeps on through the entire almost-six hours.  He's not all that into tennis.


  1. i am so with the dog ;-)))

  2. I could watch cricket - if I had a TV - at that time... Everything is pointless... unless it isn't:)

  3. Pointless?  What do you mean?  There's Love, 15, 30, 40, Deuce, Ads... ha ha!
    Seriously though, I love tennis enough to watch a six-hour final, but I'd rather play it than watch it, even if I'm not that good.  So were you happy with the winner?  I cried but only because I'm a Nadal fan.

  4. I wanted Nadal to win - my respect for him went through the roof during that game because he was just AMAZING.  And yet ... how was Djokovic?  Talk about running on empty.  He was a worthy winner ... but Nadal would have been too.  It was such a fantastic final :)


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