Sunday, 25 March 2012

How to schmow to

I really dislike certain how-to pieces of writing.  They get me defensive straight away, somehow.  Oh, here's one more person telling me how to be a little bit more beige, or a little bit more like them, or a little bit not who I am right now.  The ones I dislike the most are where the writer is doing all the telling and how-toing from a great big perspective somewhere far away where they're not.  If they're doing some telling to others but not putting themselves in their own story and sharing a little of their own gooberliness, frailty and vulnerability - well, I think that's surely the easiest way out.  And those pieces you can spot - there's no oomph to them.  They sit flat on the page, like a doctor with his scripts ;)

I love reading pieces where the writer is front and centre.  Which is partly why I read this blog, because she puts herself on the page and shares some of her vulnerabilities ... and I'm not saying that  just because she linked to MY blog in HER post ;)

Yes, how-to's are hard to write.  But then there's this one, and yes, I was quite partial to this one:


About Me

I'm Sue. I'm a writer and a thinker, and I veer from whining to exulting about a mishmash of topics on this blog ~ from creativity to the future to spirituality to health issues. I have had chronic fatigue syndrome/pyroluria for the past 14 years so there's a bit of whining.

I also venture into the territory of pondering God on here, though I have never known what that/she is, and I know now even less than I did before. I'm even cool with there being no god at all. I find fundamentalists in whatever part of life to be ultra tiresome. I once would have called myself a Christian but I have never held to any kind of organised religion. I think religion is really ultimately about story.

But then, I tend to think everything is about story.

I hold the belief that one day scientists and mystics will meet in the centre of the room and kiss each other, and discover they have been exploring the same thing all along.

Please feel free to drop me a line at or share your thoughts in the comments.

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