I Miss Bloggingness!

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Hey everyone,

I am so missing blogging, and wanting to get back to blogging more.  I started uni last week, and I've been trying to work as many hours as I can manage because I have a tax bill that needs seeing to.  Seeing that I am trying to recover from adrenal fatigue, those hours worked are probably not as much as most people but to me life feels rather hectic, considering many hours are accounted for over the next few days.

Which is good, but said adrenal fatigue means it's a challenge.

I so look forward to getting back to blogging regularly again.  I am so fond of this blog and the people who read here.  It is a great place to be able to put my thoughts down :)

So, what are you up to?  The world is balanced in its hemispheres with the equinox coming up.  Equal parts day and night on both sides of the globe is always a lovely thought to me living in such a noisy, hectic sorta world.


  1. And I've missed you, too, Sue! Blessings from the other side of the world...

  2. Bloggington is a fair city. Here's to many more beautifully balanced exchanges!:)

  3. I never gave much thought to the equinox, meaning you and I can share the light for awhile. :)  

  4. It is a fair city, Harry :)

  5. It's a nice thought, isn't it, Erin. 

    I also like how lots of places north and south are sort of sharing vaguely the same temperatures as well (although Melbourne and Portland not quite so much.  You guys are still warming up there :)

  6. Yes, you are somewhat warmer than we are yet -- your low temperatures are our high temperatures :)


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