Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Has anyone here ever tried SAMe (pronounced Sammy)?  S-adenosyl methionine is a regularly occurring molecule that is being constantly made in our bodies.  In my case, it's proved a pretty fine thing for depression.  On top of that, it's been helping my liver.  The rings that have been under my eyes for I don't know how many years have begun to clear, and the whites of my eyes are whiter.

I am sure glad I have come across this stuff, and I'd be interested to know how others have found it.


Hmm, so it went well there for a few weeks.  The doom I have been experiencing for so many months actually lifted and I felt like ME again.  But then I began feeling a bit anxious and developed a bit of insomnia to boot.  I have been taking 5HTP as well, which is the precusor to serotonin.  For reasons best known to myself I stopped taking that for a while and so the anxiety and insomia (known side effects of SAMe in some people) kicked in.

It's a bit of a trial and error situation.  I admit, I'm disappointed.  After being ruled for so long by my hormones and whatever else going on in my body, to only have a respite of a couple of weeks from that is disappointing.  Oh well, we'll see.


  1. That's one cool li'l molecule, Sue. I think it deserves a round of applause:) Not heard of it till now.

  2. I've been off googling it. I'm wondering if the whites of your eyes are now like Ross Geller's teeth.

  3. Haha, Emma :)  No, fortunately.

  4. It is pretty cool, Harry.  But like I said in my update, it can cause anxiety issues so perhaps it's not going to be for me after all *sigh*.  

    5HTP is another one that is really good too.  

  5. I see that's another naturally occurring substance, with many cool benefits. Are you going to try it, Sue?


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