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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Well, that was a particularly awful experience.

The last few days, as I've recovered from doing the latest cleansing thingy, I have had so much sinus pressure in my head, and felt so unbelievably toxic, felt so depressed that I basically was feeling like I wanted to die.
Which sounds awfully melodramatic.  Especially seeing I wasn't feeling particularly suicidal the few days before that, and I am not feeling particularly so now.  My head seems to have become somewhat my own again.

It turns out that my kidneys are not functioning as they could, which explains why I feel so toxic whenever I try to detox.  I have also found out that I have rather too high levels of barium in my system.  Barium - great.  A poison.  Right up there with arsenic.  My poor old body, having to secrete this stuff away in fat cells, in my lungs, in my kidneys, in my brain so that it can get on with its business. 

I don't know how many years this has been going on for.  Quite a few.  The person who has been conducting the tests said that he suspects that the barium levels came via the antibiotic therapy I  had eight years ago.  The antibiotics give, and then they take away for years to come. 

So this why every time I signal to my body that "Hey, guess what, guys?  Time to take some of that lovely barium and whatever other nasties you've got secreted away and put it out into circulation" - well, that explains why those times utterly floor me, and make me feel so awful that I just don't even know how I can explain it to you.  It is like an iron shutter going down over my sensibilities.

This is the reason why I originally bought a far infrared sauna, which I have been relatively slack on using recently.  But not now.  Now that I've had another reminder that I have these nasties that are doing so much damage, I'm back on and recommitted to sweating those buggers out from where they do not belong.  It is the only way that I can get rid of this stuff without it making me feel so bad.

In fact, it feels pretty damn nice, sitting all steamy in the sauna outside the back door while it's cold and wintery and raining outside of my little cabin.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're under the weather. I have been feeling about the same as you. I'm feeling better. I hope you are too.   Visit my knew blog when you have a minute I won't advertise it on my current blog, so I hope to see you there. I think you will like it. 

  2. That sucks big time, Sue. Have you tried chlorella / spirulina? They latch on to stuff like barium - it's called 'chelation' - & show them the door. A good complement to the sauna:) Oh, and welcome back. There are no passport checks.

  3. It's funny you mentioned chlorella, seeing I mentioned it in today's post :)  But no, I haven't tried that yet, but I will definitely have to add it to the list of things.  I have used zeolite in the past, which seems to work pretty well.  The next thing on the list to try is bentonite clay. 

  4.  I'm glad you're feeling better, Lorena.  And yes, I think I will like it too :)

  5. Antibiotics can be pretty evil, and most of them should never have been released into the wild. We all know how they escaped though - 'tests' funded by the pharma companies, which are mostly as reliable as a chocolate teapot. In fact chocolate would probably help much more. I wish you success in repelling the repellent invaders:)


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