Favourite place to be.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Where is your favourite place to be? asks NaBloPoMo today.  And my answer is, anywhere but here.

Here is the brainfog that still remains, the cotton wool head, the depression.  The questions, the feeling like I'm a little nuts, and the dealings with the medical profession that bruise.

The desire to be far away from the entire world because I am leprous, and they can smell it.

Which is sorta why I've got nothing more to say today.  Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Another wave of bleeargh! passing through can seem like it's real, but it passes, and you're unharmed. You're only 'leprous' to those who think they know what 'health' is, and 'leprous' is only a thought also. The essence of who you are - the very core - is untouched by any thought, any wave, and yet chooses to identify itself as that for a spell. Maybe you know what I'm talking about anyway, Sue, and I can just shuddup now;)

  2. Sue! Ye gods woman, fancy that! 
    All those things, cotton wool head, depression, writer, thinker, head-on collision with med.prof.'s, I've been there, and now it's all gone. I fixed it, I ain't broken no mo'.Who am I to say? I'm Ces, ex-kiwi, 39yrs with a toddler and a husband. Bayside dweller but not in soul(lessness). I bookmarked your Sherbrooke Falls walk over the weekend and just got round to looking at it again. Can't wait to go. The bay is nice but trees are as important...I had a bad back, depression since teens, chronic pain from inflammation, addictions left, right and centre (food and drink, not drugs) and a doc. once told me I had ADD and plopped me on Ritalin. Good times. I jest.Long story a fraction shorter; you eat a lot of wheat I can say that with confidence. Perhaps for most meals wheat is a part? It is killing you, I speak from a place where my guts were being shredded with every bite. No nutrients were getting through, digestion was hell, I could barely think straight and thought I was an insane person, my dad was an alcoholic and had bad knees, mum a coeliac and now a diabetic but didn't do anything to avoid wheat. Humans didn't evolve to eat wheat (just meat, veg, nuts and some fruit to put it as simply as poss.), and everyone who comes in contact with wheat will eventually fall apart in their own unique genetic format. For me/us it'd be alcoholism to mask depression, and major inflammation to the point of crippling arthritis- I was well on my way up till five years ago. Each family has its own pattern. Lucky it's not cancer I suppose. But even cancer isn't a death sentence if you look to the right food source.We're being poisoned. Sound outrageous? Yes I suppose it does! But think or perhaps read about it on Marksdailyapple.com and see what you think then. It has entirely woken me up to food and its effects. No more depression, just sharp, clear thinking, confidence, bugger-all pain now. A different woman. I thought I was a chronic case and if suicide didn't get me, alcoholism would. Seriously.Bull man, all bullpucky. Nothing further from the truth now. I'm going to live to be a happy, mischievous old woman, still doing the Sherbrooke Falls walk, and cracking the heads of the young munter hooligans on coca-cola and bread.
    If I did this, no question you can. No pressure, just a heads up.
    Thanks for the walking info., I really appreciate it. 

    p.s. Maybe you could listen to this if it interested you.

    p.p.s Try not to judge Americans by their physical appearances. Many look faintly ridiculous. I did and it set me back about four years. 
    : )

  3. Hi Ces.  Ahh, if only my health problems were as simple to treat as a wheat allergy.  Unfortunately, they are rather more complicated than that.

    But yeah, it's amazing the extent of the effect that wheat has on some people.  I don't do well on it at all.  Thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoy your Sherbrooke Falls walk.  The lyrebird should be out and about these days.


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