Synchronicity and Virgins' Piss

Friday, 1 June 2012

Synchronicity.  Coincidence.  Serendipity.  Talking about a particular subject only to have it pop up later or the next day from a completely unrelated source.  It happens all the time (and never fails to give me some sort of a thrill that everything is connected in ways that remain mysterious, and therefore which are raunchy and sexy and make life much more interesting regardless of how much more tedious and flat-packed people are becoming with every passing day now that Getting Ahead is apparently what we're here for.  But I digress).

Yesterday's synchronicity case in point:

My partner's nephew wrote a Facebook comment about his conversation with two fellow workers who were talking, of all things, about how the urine of virgins has a stronger smell than those of their fornicating counterparts.  Classy.

Twenty minutes later a Twitter tweet showed up from Weird History, which gives "on this day" tweets about fascinating historicalities.  Yesterday's was:

c.1270: William of Saliceto explains that virgins take longer to urinate - and that they do so "with a more subtle hiss" than non-virgins

So there you have it.  Some ruminations about virgins and their urinary scents, durations and hissings, coming from two completely different sources within 20 minutes of each other, and the one, though distanced by some 700 years, as completely unsicentific as the other.. 

You know, I do wonder about the universe/god/flying spaghetti monster/collective unconsciouness's sense of humour sometimes.  But I so love it when these things happen.  Even when it's rather unpalatable subjects.  Synchronicity gives me a feel that we still don't really understand a whole shitload of what the earth is about.

And that's a really good thing.

Pic by Flabeline under a CC licence

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  1. Even funnier, Sue, is that you ARE the spaghetti monster laughing at its own jokes. Now if that ain't funny... And remember, the mind has absolutely no idea what's going on, ever, so it just makes stuff up. Only the spaghetti monster knows what's going on, and that's why it's having such a good laugh.

    I hope none of that made any sense, 'cos that'd be so Boring;)


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