Mount Julian

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Though they come with a
positive pox reading,
encased in 20 years of
baked-on grease and a face
even a mother doesn't love & though
you won't post them on Facebook,
love your ugly demons.

Though you push them away,
they are portable wisdom units,
rabbit holes where up is
down and in is out and your
future is waiting to teach you
the opposite of what you think you know
about what you haven't yet learned.

Love your ugly demons.
Though they have wet their pants &
they be smelly & though they be
social defectives with rusty iron
grates & spiky palisades, inside
the fortress is a marshmallow centre
for you to put your arms around.

Danza del Fuego (Dance of Fire) by Miguel Tomas Garcia (creative commons)


  1. What's not to like about this? Kiss that frog, and it turns into a handsome prince... or whatever:)

  2. It's an advantage to be plain, you attract from within rather than without, and those connections last long.

  3.  That is so true.  And so against the current cultural grain.  You rock, Sarah.


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