Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My university studies have started again for the semester and now suddenly I am doing two subjects plus working.  I'm chafing a little in the saddle at the thought of it (which is completely and utterly to do with health stuff, and therefore anxiety-related thoughts about whether I can cope with the workload.  But I can).

In other news, the jury has definitely swayed to the "yea" when it comes to the question of whether I am intolerant of dairy.   I have decided that while ideally I wish to eliminate dairy completely, eating some cheese on occasion is perfectly acceptable.  And so last night I made potatoes dauphinoise with milk and cheese.  Today, I am fatigued, teary, foggy, anxious, confused and depressed. A link?  I'm starting to think so.

In other other news, it looks like I am in the process of having a small piece accepted for paying publication.  Which is all a bit exciting and disappointing mixed in together, because I worked hard on that piece I wrote and in the end it has been pretty much cut in half in terms of length from what it was.  But oh well, that's the nature of the things that are published in this publication.  And I am very chuffed to get over that hurdle of someone accepting a piece of my work.  May it be the first of many.  I will of course blow my own trumpet and let you know when it happens.

The Tour de France has stolen my heart and my sleep again.  But now that uni has started up and I've doubled my workload there, I'm gonna have to start reining myself in when it comes to time management.

Wish me luck :)


  1. Ooh so exciting to be published! That has to bring mixed feelings if they want to cut it in half...but still... must be uber exciting!

    What classes do you have this semester? I still have like 10 weeks before I go back. It's a much needed break. I'm sure you'll be fine with the two classes..I have found that I am able to rise to the challenge more than I expect of myself. I'm sure the same is true of you. :)

  2. It is so true that we can do more than we think we can.  I think it's important to challenge those boundaries regularly.  The health stuff makes it a challenge though, unfortunately. 

    This semester I am doing Anthropology 1B: Culture and Communication and Medical Anthropology:


    I'm feeling a little ambivalent and confused about both of these subjects at the moment, but it will all come clear as it always does.

    Yeah, I am feeling a bit mixed about having something published, actually.  I think I must just be in a strange mood at the moment.  I imagine I will feel excited if it actually happens and I see it :)

  3. Great stuff, Sue. May it be the first of many! As to the health thing, I find there's simply no better way than to listen to the body, 'cos it tells no lies. In the last few days the fat-burning, blue green algae way of doing things has suddenly given me more energy than I know what to do with, so I'm going with that. It's a matter of making friends with the body-mind, and then enjoying the relationship to the full. Your very good health!:)

  4. You're so right, Harry, about listening to the body.  I have been on a really big journey with that whole thing over the past 10 years.  And I feel like I have begun to be quite intuitive about it.  And yet, even while saying that, there is a degree of fuzziness in regards to dairy that has only started clearing a little since I've stopped taking it ... and then had some again, partly to experiment.  It's a bit of a revelation to me and still doesn't feel quite real ...

    Great to hear about the blue green algae.  I haven't gone that route before - that's excellent to hear you have more energy than you know what to do with :) 

  5. I've cut down a lot on dairy too, except for huge amounts of butter (it's cheap, high quality energy for a fat-burner!) some yogurt and a little cheese. One of the biggest differences I found was when I gave up grains - energy levels went up soon after. Also I can't recommend the b-g algae enough - it's a whole different level of energy, and the chlorella is a powerful detoxer. I found this out soon after starting it, when it seemed all the crap that had built up in the body over my life came out in 2-3 days! A novel experience:) I wish you well in your 'befriending' and in the ongoing learning adventure!

  6. The chlorella is definitely on the list of things to take.  There are so many things on that list, I must say :)  Have you heard of zeolite?  It's quite a fascinating substance if you look it up.  It's centre is basically like an empty cage, and it goes around your body collecting the "heavy" metals you don't want while leaving behind that which you do.  Good stuff.

    The blue-green algae I will definitely add to the list to give it a whirl :)

  7. The thing about chlorella is that it's almost a complete food source as well as a detoxer. Just looked up zeolite, and it's powerful stuff, but it's wholly mineral rather than an organism, and so doesn't have all the vitamins etc that both chlorella and spirulina (they're complementary in their effects) have. It concentrates on the chelation. Having said that, Sue, taking both zeolite and chlorella certainly won't do you any harm - the faster you get rid of the crap the better:)

  8. Ahh, I didn't realise chlorella was almost complete.  Interesting.  So when you have taken chlorella, have you taken it with spirulina? 

  9. Yes, I take them both, Sue - they're similar but with subtle differences, which makes them such great co-workers. They're about the same price, and really cheap for what you get in them, as when you take them you find you need less of mostly everything else - they're that satisfying. About 12 times the available protein as best beef, for example! They're powerful on their own, but together they're almost the perfect food source for humans. I kid you not:)

  10. I haven't been able to fit any anthropology into my schedule, but I would really like to. I hope you find your classes compelling yet not overwhelming. 

  11. yay you
    being published for payment


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