Bloody Men

Friday, 16 November 2012

Men and women are just so bloody different. Sometimes it makes me want to impale myself face down on some eyeball-spaced spikes.

I reckon one day it's going to be discovered that lost to the mists of time was a third gender ~ let's call them mimmen.  

Life was particularly interesting when the mimmen walked the earth because both men AND women fraternised with them.  

And it was great on the one hand, because the mimmen understood both men and women, being the middle gender.  But then it was complicated, because it got to be like a love triangle thing writ large, with the end result being that everyone got so jealous and overwrought that over time, the messenger was shot, and the mimmen were just quite simply wiped out, murdered in their beds by both men and women.

And that's why now we're just stuck with each other.  As punishment.


(I love men.  But honestly, sometimes you all just fucking shit me :D


  1. Ooh, have you read any Clive Barker? He's so on the same wavelength with what you're saying here. This figures into several of his works. In the epic novel, Imajica, for instance (completely amazing book if you can slog through the first coupla chapters), there's a character known as a mystif, which has the characteristics of a third sex.

  2. I can tell you needed that, Sue:)

  3. Ooh, no I haven't read any of him, Susan. Thanks for the heads up. I shall try and write this story before I have a read of that novel. Sounds intriguing :)

  4. It was akin to a really long and satisfying fart basically, Harry :)

  5. Eyeball spaced spikes? ;)

  6. Haha. Mimmen. Makes perfect sense, Or, just maybe, they are those individuals that the conservative agenda wants so badly to squash...anyone that doesn't fit into so-called "normal" gender or sexual identity.


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