Chemtrail Blues

Friday 9 November 2012

She is standing waiting for a bus
head down, fiddling fingers on the screen.
I drive past her into a horizon of
metallic streaks and dulled sun,
clouds which do not contain rain.

The void between that vision and our collective silence
is a gaping loneliness that moans in my soul.
How do you awaken those whose denial
is a thick blanket shrouding them like death
from the evil of a few they do not wish to face?


  1. i feel this
    great prose

  2. I've never looked into the whole chemtrail business, Sue. What do you know about it? Fine writing.

    I found an entry on this at Wikipedia. It never occurred to me that those jet trails we see in the sky might be filled with pollutants, like crop dusting. I assumed it was innocent condensation. But oddly when I think about it, I've not seen those jets leaving trails above NYC in a long time, it used to be quite common.

  4. Hi Harry. It's definitely worth looking into it. What seems to be most regularly reported is that these sprayings contain aluminium, barium and strontium. Certain tests (like this rainwater test, as one example - have found this to be so. Proponents of geoengineering have claimed that these would help offset the increase in the sun's heat, thereby negating global warming. But they do not admit that this is actually going on. My inner conspiracy theorist finds it alarming that Monsanto has developed an aluminium-resistant seed.

    One video to watch is What in the World are They Spraying There is also a follow-up called Why in the World Are They Spraying?

    The only politician in the world I know of so far to speak out about this is Pernilla Hagberg from Sweden. Kudos x 100 million to her -

  5. Isn't that strange that they have stopped over NYC. They have been going strong here in Melbourne, but it's definitely slowed over the past week or so. Yesterday I was out and it was amazing to look up and see blue sky everywhere I looked without creepy smudgey stuff.

  6. Thanks Ms Kel. See you soon :)


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