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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What is it about the shower that spawns so many uber good creative ideas?

Actually, that's a rhetorical question, because I know the answer.  I know what it is about the shower. It is the negative ions in the running water that create a sense of wellbeing. And whenever I feel a sense of wellbeing, off my creativity runs doing cartwheels.

Ions are particles of something or other that make up air.  There are also positive ions.  You can experience those most compellingly, say, on a hot day in Beijing at peak hour.  The shittiness you feel from pollution?  That's from the overabundance of positive ions in the air.

Positive and negative in this case are polar opposites to the experience had by peoples of the earth of said positive and negative ions

Negative ions = good.  Expansive, creative, relaxed.  Parasympathetic, if your nervous system is listening and wants to know which ions to partake of.  Me, I have an ioniser for that purpose.  It sits beside me as I type words for payment that are positively ionic in their effect on me and which, if I am not careful and very vigilant to make space anyway, impede my ability to be able to play with the negatively ionic words that are all orgasmic and playful and fun.

I am going to put a waterproof whiteboard in the shower. Much easier than having an idea that goes - ooh! - and then having to repeat it to myself over and over again while I jump out and run to note it down.  I wonder if such a thing has been invented?  Surely it has, in an age when the sweaty-balled beast of late Western capitalism makes it incumbent for us to not simply live, but to have to earn a living.  Ergo = lots of crap we don't need, created by people who want to make enough money inventing things so that they can go off and do what they really want to do.

I guess the exception to that is inventors.  They're right where they wanna be already, inventing things.  Which is rather convenient for them. 

And yes, it's true a waterproof whiteboard has been invented.  Indeedly doodly, by someone whose best ideas come to him in the shower, and who knew about dive slates, underwater note-taking devices for SCUBA divers.  I bet you any money, he put two and two together and came up with this idea while he was in the shower.  Which is all cool and postmodern, isn't it.

Maybe I should alert him to this post I have inadvertently included him in.  Product placement.  He might send me one for free :)


  1. I love me some negative ions. I have a machine for making them. They should be available on prescription:)

  2. I was once given an almost complete sestina in the shower. I actually managed to go write it down and finish it before I lost it.

  3. I have a machine for making them too, Harry. It sits beside me while I type. I'm extremely fond of it ... and waterfalls :)

  4. I had to look up what a sestina was. Man, that's some poem. Awesome. You must have a very good memory!! :)


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