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Monday, 3 December 2012

... my cup of tea.

Today, I ditched the people that I have been working for for five years.  They are like an impersonal machine.  For the vast majority of the time I have done transcription work for them, I have been transcribing at an accuracy of between 98 to 99% accuracy.  Almost all of the time I have had my work in on time.  One day last week I stuffed up and didn't get a job in - and they charged me a $25 late fee.

That was the last straw, as far as I was concerned, and I emailed them back and told them to shove their stupid fucking job that I would no longer be working for them.
And so that is that.  My mystical Susie side is exceedingly happy about getting rid of them.  Even though they are by far the best paying client of the ones I have.  And even though I'm not exactly rolling in cash.  But mystical Susie isn't so concerned about approaching the issue of work from that particular angle.  She knows that getting rid of that mob makes psychic space. She knows that whenever you throw stuff out it makes you stronger.

This collage is in response to Kel's creativity prompt, and has proven irritatingly difficult to photograph.  Can you see what it is or do I need to explain it?

But I am hoping that in letting go of something will make space for something better.  Something that is more my cup of tea.


  1. May you get loads of really cool clients to fill the space. Well done:)

  2. The collage and your philosophy make perfect sense. I once had that exact scenario you describe. I quit a job on the spot (insanely, because I had no other income), but it lead absolutely to the best cup of tea possible for me. There are times in life also, when we instinctively hold on, even if it looks for all the world like we can't succeed. The heart knows the way ahead somehow, I think, and so encourages us to make those illogical choices.

  3. Thanks, Harry. I'm hoping they're writing clients rather than transcribing ones :)

  4. Oooh, that is so good to hear, Sarah. It's a scary thing to do, quitting on the spot (although I bet you felt exhilarated at the same time). I so agree that the heart knows the way ahead before we do. I tend to slide in and out of being in touch with that idea, of being able to feel it. I can intellectually assent to it even when I cant feel it in my body. But lately I'm starting to feel it again and it feels ... whole and lovely.


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