What If?

Tuesday 18 December 2012

What if all of the universe exists on different levels, and humans are only able to see some of those levels at this point in our evolution?  What if creation is something that is going on at every level and constantly, and at the same time is something that beings are able to do themselves at higher levels of "consciousness" (such a wanky word, that one).

What if we were originally created by a group of beings, and then another group of beings came in and interfered with our operating system, installing a virus if you will, and that causes so much of the conflict that we experience within ourselves and without ourselves, and why it makes it so hard to own our shit?  (And yet magic happens when we do).

What if part of that virus includes our feelings of isolation and disconnection, so that we go around depressed and killing ourselves and killing others because we are fragile souls and we break, and then it is hell to be here, because we can't bear to live in a universe that doesn't contain that which is like water to us (the Divine part of life, I guess you could call it, which some call God and some call the Source and some Beauty but all indigenous cultures recognise) ~ which would make sense if we were created to enjoy that which we as a modern species seem to be struggling  to even believe exists.

Who knows?  Sounds plausible to me!  :)


  1. What if... everything has always existed, showing up to itself in infinite ways? One of those ways, known to itself as mind, likes to wonder about its own nature, making up beautiful stories about its 'origins', while temporarily forgetting that it's eternal and infinite. Just for fun. Lock me up now, doctor;)

  2. That sounds totally plausible to me as well, Harry.

    Maybe both our theories are right at the same time. That's even trippier :)

  3. And maybe time itself is an invention of mind, in order for 'everything' to have 'experiences'. It's Everything's drug of choice, only there's no choice involved... Far out, man;) You knew I'd be attracted to a post like this, didn't you?:)

  4. I agree, all our theories are right, hooray!! because every person is unique, and therefore has some sort of ability to see into the ultimate truths of existence that no one else has or ever will have. One of my cats, named Miss Marple, a god to me, very definitely had her own conception of the universe. Surely, the cosmos has infinite ways and means of existence, of perception, of communication, of identity and of deity.

  5. What was Miss Marple's conception of the universe as presented? I am very interested in the cat's-eye perspective (and the seal's-eye, raptor's-eye, ant's-eye, etc) :)

    I love this comment :)

  6. A black cat. Miss Marple (I called her MM) lived very long, and I loved her so much, like my own child. It's hard even to share a memory, without tears in my eyes. She was so sensitive to the world. I had these Zen chimes hanging from an L-shaped bar on the floor, and she knew how to ring them to get my attention, or just because she liked the sound, and I sensed when she listened to them that she had some sort of conception of the universe, like she could hear the great OM in her spirit, and because of a special look in her playful eyes, full of wonder.

  7. Ohhh :) Beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing.


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