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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Some say the white hats infiltrate every level of government and are in the process of bringing the current ruling elite down.  The small ruling dynasty of Rothschilds et al that hide in the dark like cockroaches, pulling the strings that make us dance.

Some say that whole thing is about to topple down, and when it does, the rights and responsibilities of people will get to shine.  They say that the trillions of dollars the sucklords have funnelled will be transferred to every person on earth.  Every person on earth a billionaire.  For a fresh start.

Well, if you're gonna daydream, may as make it massive.  It's fun to daydream.  Makes you smell things you don't normally smell.  Gives you an understanding of how things smell now.  Breaks you out of seeing the everyday and slings a new light on it.

So what would you do, if suddenly everybody in the world was a billionaire? 

What a trip.  Imagine.  All of a sudden you're rich.  All of a sudden everyone is rich.  No one needing to be bought anymore.  No more Sales departments finding another way to coerce more dollars out of people to serve the bottom line.  No more people doing demeaning jobs they hate.

Imagine what the world would look like if suddenly every person was not needing to feed that bank account anymore to pay the rent, the mortgage, the outgoings.  To make do.  To scrape by.  To scrabble from being sucked under.  To die from preventable diseases.  Imagine.  Every person in the world a billionaire.  Every writer working on what they love most rather than what will pay them the most.

Everything would flourish.  Everybody would look different because suddenly you're realising that that person you thought you knew really well actually wants to spend some of their days gardening.  Has always wanted to do that, but it's got stuck under all the ratracing.

There would be festivalling and rejoicing and holidaying.  The world would turn upside down where people passionate about what they are doing are doing what they are passionate about.
And yet, there would be some problems.  What about all the jobs that people don't want to do anyway?  Who would do those?  Automated robots?  People volunteering an hour a week?

Of course, the reason why people don't want to do some jobs now is because of the pittance they pay.  If no one needed to earn money to the same extent we do now, some people would naturally gravitate to what are considered low-paying jobs now.  Because more people would be doing work gratis.  Everything would change.

But then there are some jobs that nobody wants to do.  Who would work in an abattoir if they didn't have to?  Who would clean toilets?  I would imagine, in this daydream scenario, that many more people would be having to clean their own toilets.  Some current billionaires sure wouldn't be happy about that.

So, that scenario is what some people say.  And, well, who can say?  Stranger things have happened.  Nothing is too strange to happen in a world that is running on the bizarre, insane, and patently ludicrous system we currently have. 
It's a beautiful daydream.  One that, if it ever comes to pass, or something like it, will make us look back in horror at how completely enslaved we were by a bunch of smoke and mirrors.  At how many people were complicit in it, without giving it a second thought.  At how easily we were able to be completely co-opted out of our freedom and out of our light by suggestion and socialising.

That would be the best hindsight view ever.  Unshackled.

Waiting for the Quadrandtids by Eneas (CC)


  1. I think you should write a novel based on what you're imagining here. Seriously.

  2. Maybe I will! It feels like it's one of those ideas that would keep unrolling once you stuck some characters into it :)

  3. I think you'd do your bit towards bringing it about if you did, Sue. I like this dream, and it's maybe not just a dream:) Love that photo.

  4. Exactly!!


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