Night Owl

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Powerful owl by WikiWookie (cc)
I've been hearing him outside most nights lately.  Oooh, he says I don't know how many houses or streets away, and it echoes into the air, reminding us that we live on the side of a hill.

If I was going to have any sort of a totem, surely it would be him.  On rare occasions he will come sleep on the branch of a tree that we can see from the decking.  If I lean out of bed in the mornings when he is there, then hypothetically (the window is dirty) I would be able to see him.  I feel both a sense of cameraderie, but also a feeling-better-by-comparison when I see nocturnal animals asleep at the time I finally manage to haul my arse out at 9am or thereabouts (if infection persists, add an extra hour).

My mind ran ragged all day today, in some sort of a PTSD twitch, flitting from one thing to another, feeling stressed and anxious and ungrounded, unsafe.  And then this evening my mind settled and so now, suddenly, everything is much too interesting to sleep.  Why would I want to sleep?  I'm here in front of the computer working and I've still got a stack of different webpages open and I'm still flitting from one subject to another - to yoga pages to remind me why I really want to pick up my practice again even though some strange part of me doesn't, to an author whose creativity books I like, to how-to articles about internet CSS, and suddenly while they all looked interesting before, now they look even more interesting because it is the night, my body's weak, I'm on the run, no time to speak*, and the dark outside feels warm and enclosing, like black velvet, and I am inside, and the interwebs is a magic.


*This song qualifies as an earworm because:
(a) it rotates in my head; and
(b) I hate it.
Thus being the qualifications for earwormery.


  1. "I've got to ride, ride like the wind, to be free again."

    How could you possibly hate that?!

    I love owls. They were my grandmother's favorite animal...she collected all sorts of little statues and trinkets. Although I think the giraffe would be my totem, I have a special connection to owls, too.

  2. The lyric might be okay but the song is just A.W.F.U.L. in my head :)

    Ooh, the giraffe as a totem. How cool. They are such amazing animals. I love how we are both women in our 40's who have retained a love for animals. I still feel that wonder I had when I was a child. I was watching a film clip of that Enigma song Return to Innocence which was on FB last night that was a montage of horses. And I could actually feel myself tearing up simply because they are so beautiful. (and gee, maybe the most sensual animal of all.) I think I need a horse ride at some point!

  3. I love Enigma, and that's an amazing song. I think anyone who isn't impacted by it should do a check of their soul.


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