Saturday 9 November 2013

You gotta take daydreaming wherever you can get it.  The other day it was when I accidentally left my phone at home.  On days like this, when the fatigue is chronic and it's raining, I'm still in bed at 3.38pm and have been reading stuff on my iPhone ALL DAY.

For respite from reading (I read too much, stress my brain), I look out the window at the drooping Belgrave trees and the satched galahs hanging on the railing.   Always easy to daydream out of those particular windows.

On these days when it's "one more read and I'll get up," you have to click wisely.  Clicking onto good writing (like this, for example, about this very subject, how our smartphones curb our dreaming space) gives the mind room to float away mid-paragraph while tethered to the words.  Or looking at photos of The Barefoot College, which has been operating in India since 1972 and which teaches the poorest of the poor in night school.  It trains some people for six months how to install solar panels.  They then go back to their own villages and light them up.

Pic by whothey (under a creative commons attribution/noncommercial/sharealike licence)


  1. Daydreaming's the seedbed of the most world-changing ideas. Mind disengaged, in free flight. Please keep it up, Sue:)

    1. Thank you, Mr Harry. Encouragement to daydream is EXTREMELY encouraging. You keep it up too, now, son :)


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