I Would like to take LSD ...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

... but to be able to retain my eyes (squinty and not-quite-aligned though they be).

I like how taking LSD apparently makes you feel like you're a cat ... until you turn into a bit of an alien.  I especially like what a trippy ole colourhead of the sea it makes you feel after 6 hours and 45 minutes.


I wouldn't really like to take LSD.  Except I sort of would.  But I wouldn't because risky and flashbackness.  But I would because mind expansion.

I find it funny how common drug-taking has been amongst humans of past cultures.  How different cultures used it for initiation purposes and for rituals.  Contained it within shared spaces.  Sitting on the couch with your mates shagging bongs is most certainly a shared space, and a ritual, but it's probably not an initiation after the first time.  And it's certainly not something shared towards a cultural end.  The drug made sacred, in a sense.

Maybe that's the key to proper use.  Use it as a tool.  A pencil to draw upon the people and draw them into something bigger than them, something that encompasses them inside the folds of their whole culture, an experience greater and more sacred than getting pissed at the footy.  Perhaps that would have made people less inclined to snatch it every weekend as the vehicle to leaving, to get ber-lind, mayte.

Maybe that will be how it will be once again in the future, in the days when we have recreated and redrawn for ourselves stories we like, with us and the earth as the characters, where we all fit, where everything once more belongs.  Even a bit of ceremonial spin-outery.

Or maybe I'm just a doped-out hippie with no brain cells.  Except I never smoked enough quantities of dope for it to have that effect.   CFS has done that all by itself :)

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