Wednesday, 12 February 2014

"No, you can't do that, that's not possible," say small-minded, fragile-egoed, fearful people all over the Internet.

Proving over and over again that in our fear we are so desirous of knowing what IS, what we can put a tiny bit of hope into that it'll be stable enough to hold some of our mental weight, that we become the people that the same sorts as us in 50 years will look back on and laugh at because how stupid were we not to see That Thing There That's So Obvious, sitting in the blind spot of the prejudices we can't even see we have.

That sentence really is way too long for the interwebs.

I know this makes me sound like a preachy girl guide and I don't mean to convey the impression that I'm not a bit of a fucktard with some glaring personality problems, because I am. I guess I get so frustrated at this sort of behaviour because it's unfruitful. It means that people who are curious and intuitive enough to think there's something worth exploring in a given area have to walk through a wafty fart smell of other people's "No, that's not possible."  Mostly, I would suspect, because there's some fear-based reason for the no.  Or a lack of imagination. Or a being derailed by this fact over here that apparently contradicts the possibility of this over here, as if we don't know that the chair we're sitting on to make our definitive no statements have more space between its particles than particles, and that even the particles themselves are sorta more not here than here.

Hubris in the hands of fearful people who think the last word has been spoken, especially when there's an enemy in the room (read, anyone not you or in your gang) who needs the benefit of your superior insight, is the shit that hits the collective fan over and over again.  It's pretty fucking tedious. But more than that, it's corrosive to freedom of exploration. The pond I most like to swim in. One that makes me feel spacious and more magnanimous so I can resist writing posts like this focussing on the tedium of  people's fragility when there's so much better stuff to focus on.

Like the people who explore despite the naysayers. 'Cause you'll always have them, right? I think that's something I'd like to develop further somehow, some tinea cream for my Achilles heel - the internal freedom to go out exploring despite whatever criticism comes that way. A childhood full of criticism has made it quite the terror for me. Funny, isn't it - disapproval from others is just that.  The world has never once imploded just because someone once disapproved of something I did.

If anyone finds any Antidisapproval Achilles Heel cream on eBay, can ya let me know?


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    1. If I find any, I'll buy it in bulk and send some over to you, Keechy :)


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