The Two-Ways

Friday, 11 April 2014

"You can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf" - Swami Satchidananda

There is such a wild difference in what I see when I look out at the state of the world - reeling and rocking as she is, and all of us in her too - that is dependent upon how much I'm reeling and rocking myself.

Like a giant onion that keeps unrolling another layer, I peel back another one and that too is yet again about not knowing how to flow with life.  It's about this way of living in fear and resistance that has been passed down to me and which has infiltered me like some kind of crazy full-on balsamic vinegar marinade.

When I look at the world through those eyes and with that view I harbour little belief that things will improve from the current state they are in.  And I hate the people that I see.

But there is another view, another slant, another angle.  It is a couple of inches away and 79 billion light years all at the same time.  Some describe it in terms of moving from your head to your heart, and depending upon your ability to handle Hallmark-appropriated lyrics that way of describing it might make you feel a little queasy.  Beyond the language used to frame it, its experienced reality remains beautiful and fresh and full of wonder.

This is the space without the monkey mind, without the story.  It is a space of just being.  It really is such a vast and different feeling of being home that it is no wonder that people down through the ages have used terms like awakening to describe it.

When I look out at the world through these eyes, I feel it firing up each cell's furnace and I know, in a way which that earlier view will never, ever be able to comprehend, that this is that space that Einstein speaks of, the larger space we need to learn to think out of in order to solve the problems that the smaller space has created by its limitations.

I know and I feel the newness that is to come, this greater expansion.  When I look at the world through these eyes, I see only challenges to change where my earlier view sees problems insurmountable.  I love the people that I see. I see people empowered to own their shit while acknowledging the shitscapes out in the world also because it's become safe enough to do it.

It is very, very beautiful.   It is the space of wholeness which encompasses the more limited earlier space and redeems it.  It is beyond categorisation, beyond religion, beyond separation.  It is the space that we are meant to live in.

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