eBay Stories - Pirates & Wenches

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Do you happen to be after a secondhand-but-new-looking pair of women's size 10 black synthetic pirate boots?

Do you like reading short stories?

Then by golly and by jingo you are so in luck.  Because I have a two-for one deal, just for you.

My latest eBay Story.

(You can find listing and story number one here).


  1. I LOVE this idea of sending off each item into the eBay world with a story!

    1. Hey, Tess! How are you going?

      Yes, I adore the idea too. Shame it's let down in its execution but one must work with what one has :) Significant Objects did it first: http://significantobjects.com/about/

  2. Ebay just got interesting :)

    1. It did. I do hope I manage to sell this pair of boots though for more than the last pair ($3.25!)

      I feel a bit vulnerable at the thought of having this story sitting on eBay at times. I'm not sure why. I think partly it's because I feel like some people will look at it and think, "What an idiot." Why, oh why, do I continue giving my power away to other people's opinions? *wrings hands, blood drips*

    2. Well, it's up to others to decide whether they wish to invest the time to read "the story" behind an eBay item. It does after all, have a history - all pre-loved items do. Telling about it just makes it more personal, and interesting.
      People who don't give a shit, will consider it TLDR, and won't bother to read past the first line.
      Others, might be charmed at the thought that their potential buy has a past, or at least, character ;)

      I know that I only now buy items with a history - as much as I can. I really like the idea that pre-loved quality/vintage items have a story to tell - just like I do, with my own past.

      Currently, I'm searching for just the right vintage cast iron frypan. No cheap, new, teflon coated shite for me. I'm after a skillet that was loved, seasoned and held by a mother and/or granny that served years of homemade meals to their families.

      I also love looking at the "haunted" items on eBay. Those who dare, bid sometimes outrageous amounts on (supposed) haunted dolls, furniture etc.
      They have a history... and a spooky past. Many people love that.

      So, go ahead, tell your fab tales about the items you sell. If it feeds the writer inside, then who cares what others think?? Seriously.

    3. Ooh, haunted items? I've never heard of such a thing. I'm gonna go and check that out.

      You're so right, Vicki, about not caring what others think. It's been such a long battle trying to overcome giving away my power like that - I'm not there yet.


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