Like a Fish in the Ocean

Friday 15 August 2014

Meditation is like being a fish in the ocean.  When you swim in the same environment all day, by dint of that familiarity you don't even really see the water.

Some days, your mind is clear and all you see for miles around you is space, coral and plankton and the occasional fish.

Other days, there's a turtle coming right up to you, so wonderful that you want to engage and interact with this beautiful creature.

Public domain pic by tpsdave

Other days, there's entire schools of small and large fish and the occasional shark, swimming too close for comfort.  In bad months, you're being chased by sharks daily, and hiding to recuperate the rest of the time.

If those fish, coral and plankton are thoughts, meditation is training yourself to be in the ocean without seeing them.  Just for a bit.

Swimming, in space, and the thoughts swim past, but you don't grab onto them.  You just let them be, and let them go.  For just a little bit, you're reminding yourself of what it is to be the ocean.  Just for a little bit.

Public domain pic by Skitterphoto


  1. Oh great thanks. Now every time I try to meditate I'll see a giant bloody turtle in front of me! :) Tis true, though. I tend to float off into daydreams/dreams or planning clever ripostes. be the ocean, be the ocean. I like that.

    1. Yes, it's the nature of the space to drift off, isn't it. Always nice when we are somehow able not to

  2. Haha, E.Louise - me too :)

    I love this. Meditation is so like the ocean, and thoughts are just like fish swimming by... let them go and soon, with "soft" eyes, you won't see them anymore. You'll just "be", in this beautiful big blue space. Love it. Great way to convey how to allow it to wash over and all around.
    Of course, the occasional Great White will cruise on by and understandably distract the peace we've got going, but, he'll pass on by without incident, if we let him.

    Soooo much like meditation. Excellent :)


    On a completely different subject - just remembered before I hit publish... how about Micawber Tavern?? That was bloody close. And, occurred just one hour after closing time, when the car park would've had patrons heading out that very door to their cars. Those Mountain Ash, man. They're hella scary in their unpredictability.
    I know how loud just a medium branch sounds like when it hits the roof - imagine the noise that created!

    1. Living up here has given me an appreciation for the hefty weight of trees, that's for sure. Very good timing :)


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