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Friday 8 April 2016

I just went to the Wayback Machine to get some screenshots of this blog when it was in its earliest (and best) incarnations in 2007 and 2008. Much to my horrorment, this blog only goes back to 2011! I know it used to go back further. Perhaps they ran out of space and had to ditch some of the old stuff. After all, they do now archive 472 billion pages.

That's a lot of pages.

I feel sentimental thinking about those early internet days of flashing gifs and frames and horridly ugly, busy web pages. But the internet wasn't monetised then. It was more contained. It wasn't the commercial beast it is today, with every dentist and his dog with their own page and their own marketing approach to get the attention of potential customers, to keep their current customers, to tweet and post to keep their fucking customers. God, it's all so fucking try hard.

This system makes us scrabbling try-hards, my lovelies. It should be below our dignity, this blarey sideshow of screaming. Honestly, the quicker this whole capitalistic schemozzle dies, the better for all of us. We can stop doing the hustle, giving people more time to do the hustle.

I like that hustle much better. Which is saying something because that pipping flute is really bad.

Anyway, I was talking about historical internet and got caught up in politics which is no coincidence because IT'S ALL CONNECTED.

I've been reminiscing about this blog's history too. I really did an awful lot of headers for this blog at one time. Seemed like Discombobula changed her clothes every week for a while there.

I do miss those higher levels of creativity. It's harder to get to it these days. Though I wish to and I hope to.

So I've decided to move Discombobula to a new place, with a new name. I'm going to be blogging I guess essentially about the same sorts of things I've blogged about here, with a focus on what it means to be human from an interior, subjective perspective. I think it's so important in a technological age to remember our roots, to understand what has been lost for us to have the worldview we do. We can see the destruction it's caused in the world around us. We know something is seriously wrong. We need to learn how to become re-enchanted again. So please, come read. I'd love to see you there.

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