Colon Cleansing

Friday 21 September 2007

So how's the colon cleansing coming along, all 7 of you are screaming (come on, you really want to know, don't you?)

All the colon cleanse is requiring of me is a teaspoon of the stuff in a glass of water, followed by the juice of a lemon in a glass of water, plus eating well (no sugar, eek!) Now, I admit it's taken me a long time to get to the point where that is do-able without too much discomfort. I've gone sugar free before. I have a sugar substitute called xylitol which is not like Splenda and all that other don't-go-there-even-with-a-barge-pole stuff. So I'm kinda prepared. d But still, the sugar cravings are going to come, but I want to kill them off again because it's so good not giving into that stuff.

I'm already seeing the benefits of the cleanse ... yep, I'm really giving myself the shits :)

If you really really want to be grossed out, take a look at these pictures that people have taken of just what has come out of them after doing a colon cleanse. I warn you, these pictures are completely and utterly DISGUSTING so if you're queasy, don't go there :)

I don't have any such pictures to share with you. It takes a few days before the really disgusting stuff happens. That should happen sometime this weekend - lucky the 13 loads of washing are still there, all over the floor, in the bathroom so I can just puke on those ;)

As fun as it sounds grossing out all my readers (it's the 'squeezing pus' factor, like Andrea said), I think even I will balk at posting pictures of my own innards with you, o dear reader, and the greater blogoverse.

When I am old, I am SO going to be the one who talks about all their operations and stuff! :)

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