Weekend Weather Forecast, Footy and Music

Friday 21 September 2007

I had to do a double take at tonight's weather forecast. It said: "A few showers mostly clearing by half time". I do love it when institutions have a bit of fun and life about them. And I do frequent the Bureau of Meteorology website quite a bit for someone who is trying not to be a nerd. Probably every day. When there are thunderstorms about I buzz about it like a bee. It's a bit sad, I guess. But we all have something nerdy about ourselves :D

It is finals fever here in Melbourne. My team, alas, bundled itself out of contention last week in rather insipid fashion. Still, it was the bad psychological final we had to have so that next year we can go in with all guns blazing :)

My brother, his housemate and his housemate's son are all staying here tonight. There is an overabundance of sleeping bags and pillows in the loungeroom. It smells very ... manly here (deodorant or after shave). They have all gone off to watch Collingwood and Geelong. I'm very happy for them and only a little bit jealous.

I am consoling myself with my old friend Bernard Fanning and some homemade green curry chicken stir-fry. I hope Bernard does another solo album because such a sterling first effort surely needs a reprise. How good it is returning to this album after a few months' layoff. Such a beautiful heart and sentiment, old Bernie. I'm so glad I saw him perform this album live. In fact, twice. The first time was dreamy and beautiful, at The Forum in Melbourne, which is a perfect venue for beautiful music. The last time was quite horrid and held at the horrid venue of Festival Hall. What a duality. But luckily, the first time was so good that it's cancelled out the last. When I think back, it's the good stuff that I'm remembering.

Oh, shite! I just take a look at the TV guide and it turns out the footy is live tonight. So I'm writing stupid blog posts and I've missed the first five minutes. Damn. I reckon Collingwood is a chance tonight, as weird as that sounds.

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