Book Addictions

Saturday 17 November 2007

The internet is a nasty little beastie when it comes to fuelling my book addiction. I was reading Lucy's interesting post and the comments about the blurts we have in our heads that stop us creating. Lucy mentioned she was going through Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, which I have done before - at least partially - but don't own. I really like Julia's stuff. She has cool tips like taking yourself on an "artist date" once a week (I have found this quite powerful; has anyone else?) It's a date that you take by yourself, to wherever you go to fuel your creativity (for me it is often the movies). It must be done by yourself, and this is where I think its power lies. Doing stuff by yourself is empowering, but to frame it as an artist's date, while sounding a bit formal, is actually very inspiring. It's like telling the inner critic that you are serious about your talents. Good stuff.

Anyway, so all it took after that was a quick look at my bookshelf - a couple of other Cameron titles but not that one - and a couple of mouse clicks and voila, I am the leading bidder on EBay. So here goes another 30 buck purchase.

It's often cheaper to buy stuff secondhand from the US than Australia, even when you throw in postage. It's one of the bad things about being at the arse end of the world. (Although really, I guess that all depends on your perspective.)

I am just full of addictions, it seems. Stop smoking dope, start buying books. (Or keep buying books, I should say. My prayer to God to stop lasted for a few weeks but I have sinned again). Oh well.

I don't really care, to be honest :) Can you tell? I have other worse addictions than books (and no, I'm not telling. I've bared my soul enough lately).

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