Talking About the Weather Again

Saturday 17 November 2007

So this is the third post for the day, and that when I have gone back to bed and got up at 11, and it's just hit 1pm. I guess that makes me a junkie today. I've decided I may as well mainline a couple of hits at a time just 'cause it feels so good, baby ;)

What happens when you overdose on the internet? Does your computer blow up? Do you get RSI in your fingers? Does your head explode? I actually feel like I've written something of substance on here this morning (regardless of whether anyone agrees with the content), so I have that nice feeling of accomplishing something.

I was thinking before about how I have this propensity to think that because I have blogged once about an idea that I (a) can't blog about it again and (b) can't write about it anywhere else. But I also know of writers who have blogs who use them as measuring sticks for audience reaction. So there's an idea.

(The concept of making money from writing is still a very foreign one to me. I don't think I shal quite believe it until it happens to me, until someone pays me 100 bucks for something I've slaved over for hours).

It's very sultry here today. I find it no coincidence that sultry applies to the weather and also to passion. Sometimes, sultry weather just ... does it for me, know what I mean? :) Sometimes it sends me to the couch. It's difficult to say what reaction I'm going to get. (And yes, I'm going to refrain myself from talking about randiness levels this time. I don't find other bloggers needing to discuss theirs so I figure I can exercise the same discretion. Or maybe as Christians we just don't talk about all "that stuff" as much as we should. We hide it all, make something shameful out of it, and then wonder why porn use skyrockets in hotels where Christian conventions are being held ;).

There is a threat of a thunderstorm. My dog has moved closer, so I know this without needing to look out the window. I feel it anyway. It's very pregnant and exciting. It feels like I might be able to get a bit done today without striving. Just being. Because I don't feel like I really care in that striving way if I get much done, I will therefore probably get more done effortlessly than those many myriad times when I am stressing about getting stuff done. I wish I would learn my lesson and just go and lie on the couch and chill out whenever I'm stressing like that. I may as well, for all that I accomplish then. How paradoxical and strange this life is. Sometimes it makes me laugh. Sometimes it makes me want to smash plates. Sometimes it makes me want to scream and vomit. Sometimes it makes me want to hide. Today, it makes me smile. Happy Saturday, everyone (and happy Friday night for you laggers ;)

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