Holy Foolity (by request from Kent)

Sunday 18 November 2007

The right-wing, conservative, law-abiding, goody-two-shoes political Christian Americans have hogged the limelight for w-a-a-y too long (and with too much world carnage). It's time for a rehaul of what it means to be Christian. Time to go a bit loony tunes loopy for God. Time to bring back Holy Foolity. Time to become homeless, to speak in riddles, to answer questions with questions (very Jewish, very cool). Time to befuddle the Empire and make them wonder, "Just what is it those Christians are smoking?" (From my corner, the answer is, well, nothing. So :P).

We have got it wrong, in our buying into the culture. Trying to look like everyone else with a bit of Jesus thrown in may have increased visits to Kent's hairdressing salon, but it's done nothing for the cause of Christ.

Time, methinks, for the crazy ones of the Body to step out and begin doing crazy things in the name of God. Some ascetics in the past have chosen to sit on the tops of giant poles (I think this just proves that marijuana smoking was going on even back then). Others have chosen to live in caves, to leave their underwear lying in weird places until it decomposes and then use it as a visual to show the Jews how rotten their faith was*. It's this kind of thing which will bring Jesus back into the spotlight, return a bit of cred to the Body, prove points, and get good YouTube viewings, all at the one time.

And we get to run around naked, too, which should be interesting (I think I'll check out on this one, but it shall be interesting to watch everybody else).

Holy Foolity. It's the new black.

For starters, see:

* Edit: did you know that that verse in Isaiah (?) where God says "your righteousness is like filthy rags", what it actually says is "your righteousness is like used menstrual cloths". Which is rather - well, shall we say, in-your-face? God really does know how to get his point across, doesn't he. He doesn't mince nothin'.

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