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Sunday 18 November 2007


Michael Isaiah Designs

11940 Manchester Rd Ste B
St Louis, MO 63131-4501
Phone: (314) 966-3233

Winner of the Best of Citysearch Hair Salon 2006 award

Hairdressing really is a pretty amoral activity, despite my previous blog post. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look our best. It's how the species has been reproduced, after all. You can still be a Holy Fool and have nice hair (you want to look nice on your YouTube vids, don't you?)

So if you're in line for a haircut and you live in the St Louis, Missouri, USA area, make sure you drop into Michael Isaiah, where Derrick, Chance, Ella, Christina, Tammy and Priscilla (did I miss anyone?) will make you look like a good child of the Empire. (Try not to get Kent, as he is in the habit of crying into his clients' hair and the end result is a big jagged. He's a good storyteller, though, and he needs the money to fund his Japanese maple addiction, so maybe people with really curly hair should let him do theirs - you can't notice the jaggedness as much).

(Aside: who the hell is Robert Banyaga? Is that you, Kent, in your African stance?)

For more endorsements visit: http://stlouis.citysearch.com/bestof/winners/2006/hair_salon

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