Fiction Plane-Two Sisters

Tuesday 1 January 2008

Guess whose son this is? A few giant hints underneath if you can't work it out:

The reggae influences may give it away. And he shares lead singer/bass player status with his dad. I don't know if he shares his father's tantric sex adherence but if he does, and he's in love with two sisters, he's gonna be one tired boy.

And his band is support act for his daddy's band on their world tour, which stops off in Melbourne town in a coupla weeks! Yah!

Only downside to the support acts is Fergie. I find it hard not to despise that woman and want to poke pins in her eyes till they pop out and ooze down her face. Yes, I know, unChristian reaction but there it is! She is infuriatingly annoying, even more solo than in her stupid band, if that could be possible :)

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