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Tuesday 1 January 2008

Look at that date. Doesn't it look good! (Edit: it was closer when there wasn't another post sitting above it :) So clean and fresh and new slate and new start and all that stuff.

I slept for about 2 hours and here I am awake. It is BOILING HOT here in Melbourne town this first day of the year. A cool change heading in early afternoon. I love the cool change coming in after a hot night (and I don't remember it being this hot for a long time. It's 4am and still 31 degrees in the city (that's 87 F). Suffce to say, I managed to sleep for a couple of hours in my aircon-less bedroom and even under a sheet with the fan the heat woke me up. I have now adjourned to the loungeroom and the aircon and the world's most comfortable couch, where I should have been before. And now, I couldn't resist a blog post with the new date. My first blog post for the year. And it's a rambling, crapping on one. Damn!

So anyway, spent New Year's Eve by myself. It became a symbolic act when Jane rang me at about 10.30 to go over to drink coffee and eat shortbread with her and Nerida and I said, "You know what? I think I'm gonna spend this one by myself." It felt like a God thing to do. It felt like a good thing to do, too.

And so when the bell tolled another year in, I was happily singing Nothing Compares by Third Day to God and thoroughly enjoying myself. I'd done the whole self-nurturing thing earlier on in the evening. Was amazed at the ability of myself to make myself feel better. Felt good that I saw in the New Year writing, watching movies and listening to music (a few of my favourite things).

It feels good being good to myself. It feels like it's helping rebuild a broken-down wall. It feels like being good to myself helps me to understand even more the love of the Father/Mother God for me. It doesn't feel like it's gonna make me go off and be all self-absorbed for the rest of my life. It feels like it's helping to free me from exactly that thing.

I spent New Year's Eve by myself and I enjoyed my own company.

That can only be a really good start to the year :) And this year, my dudes, is gonna be a big one in a whole lot of different ways. Me feels it in my calcium.

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