What Archetypes are Calling You?

Wednesday 5 December 2007

How we all ever get anything done with all of these self-assessments to do is beyond me ;) The latest one I have done is a spiritual self-assessment called What Archetypes Are Calling You, which I first saw at Dangerous Christian's blog.

I scored:

Revolutionary. You are tired of playing by the rules. In fact, you may be ready to take this job/relationship/habit/way of thinking and shove it. Or, just find a way to express that wild child in you.

Magician. You have a strong desire to heal or transform people or situations. Now is the time to develop your power. Explore the art of changing your own consciousness in order to influence others. Be the future you want to see.

Creator. You have a strong need now to express your creativity and imaginative potential. Find an art form and practice getting good at it. You may not be Picasso, but you do have a vision. Now is the time to encapsulate it in tangible form.

This all tends to resonate quite strongly with me, so I think it's quite close to the bone. In my more negative frame of mind, though, after doing this self-assessment I got thinking about how fun it is to do these, but I also reflected upon how drawn we are as a culture to being told in black and white what kind of person we are. Identity crises are a dime a dozen when you live in the West in the 21st century, seemingly. There's just not enough of us which gets reflected back to us unless it's been airbrushed first and resembles no one we know. Least of all ourselves. And those of us who call ourselves Christians or who follow Jesus are not immune to the identity crisis. In fact, the Church is in a state of analysis just as deep if not more deep than the prevailing culture. Kinda interesting, huh. Our identity crisis likely stems from our misappropriation of God crisis. Which seems to be undergoing a bit of a change itself.

This is an interesting time to be living in. I think there is a whole lot of change on the horizon. Can you feel it? Strap yourselves in, kids :)

Being disorientated is a good thing. It really is. Not that it's good at the time. At the time it's scary, frustrating, alienating, fearful. But what it leads to is always worth the pain. I like how Wayne Jacobsen says that being disillusioned is good because it means you had illusions that needed dissing. I think that is happening in spades in the Western Church. How lovely the approaching freedom smells :)

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