Tuesday 15 January 2008

Graffiti I did like at Tottenham Train Station:

"Help Me Help You"

Got me thinking ... about relationship. About the constant collaboration, the give-and-take. And then I got to thinking about all this dross and stuff that's being burnt off in me, and I'm liking to think that maybe when it's all finished I will be able to be more outward focussed, able to love more. That made me hopeful and expectant (and hopefully without too many expectations :)

Then I thought about how the Trinity is a constant collaboration (thank you, The God Journey). And the more I think about that concept, the more it ripples out and reverberates into everything and I realise - I don't need to get stoned, I just need to ponder the Trinity. And then the more I think about it, the more I can think about it. Until my brain explodes. God is a collaboration.

Wow. God is a collaboration. God is a relationship unto itself (and it goes way beyond gender, but for sure, the Holy Spirit is definitely a chick. The classy way she does her stuff? She's a chick for sure).

Then I was reading about everyone's favourite current darlings, Arcade Fire, and about how they seem to be one very fluid kind of collaboration. There isn't really one leader; they all take it in turns doing different things.

Then I thought, that's the kind of community I want to be a part of. But then I thought of that graffiti again and then it all scared me.

I seem a bit scared this evening, don't I? I am. But I'm also pretty brave. No point in living life unless it's gonna scare the shit out of you from time to time, me reckons. The whole idea of a scary brave life makes me want to go crank Olive the Skanky Mitsubishi up on the freeway. It's a hot summer night. The best time to do so :) Shame I can't be bothered. I think I'll go lie me down instead on that World's Comfiest Couch and watch me some DVDing.

This post meandered like my brain and I don't know if it ever got anywhere. But sometimes it's good to not know where you're going. Or so God reckons, anyway.

Easy for him/her to say :)

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