String Theory

Sunday 13 January 2008

All I remember from my high school Science class is when a volunteer was required to smoke a cigarette so they could be compared against a non-smoker to see how nicotine affected things like hand steadiness and stuff. I was totally enamoured with the concept of being able to do something with the authorisation of a teacher which, were I to be caught any other time, had me picking up rubbish with Mr Walsh the janitor after school. (I only got caught once; but I was furious. Out of the big gang of us who sat smoking every single break, I was the only one to get detention).

So much about science fascinates me. This world that God has brought into being delights me when I'm feeling most dejected. When nothing else can get me interested, a tree, a sunset, a pufferfish (thanks for that visual, Kel; it's stayed with me :) can make me realise that the world of wonders is still going on, regardless of whether we can see it under the mounds of grey concrete most of us live within.

If my science teacher had been able to wax eloquently about string theory the way Andre Rabe does in his latest post, he would surely have got my attention (please Montreal Barbara, don't tell me he's got it too simplified along with Eckhart Tolle! Pliz don't!) Because even then, even under that tough high school girl exterior, I was desperate for wonder, beauty. As we all are, being made of stars :)

Edit: The next blog post that came off my reader was this one:

I feel strangely cheered :)

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