Note to Good Self from Inner Wise Woman

Friday, 4 January 2008

Do not fall in love with emotionally unavailable men. Ever. Especially when your own heart is in fragments on the floor and it's the middle of winter and you are in deep depression. Especially when they warn you about themselves because they are terribly insightful. Especially online when they are masterful at words. Because they will woo you with their words without realising their own power and then tell you you're coming on too strong when you fall in love with them and they've gone out like the tide. And trying to reclaim something that for them only existed over (safety) cables creates horrific dyamics, and you find yourself manifesting behaviour you managed to avoid when you were a teenager. Badgering people who don't want to talk to you with text messages isn't even cute when you're 15; when you're 37 it sucks. Don't fall in love with emotionally unavailable men because as sweet as they are, your love is a threat to them and this will cause you against your will to feel like maybe there is something a bit wrong with you. You will find yourself becoming paranoid as a result and a slightly grasping person - and you've never done that kind of thing before. You will also find yourself unable to be open and really yourself because me, your inner wise woman, is trying to protect you

And while I'm here, don't forget - one man's "you're coming on too strong" is another man's standard behaviour. Don't let it get to you personally. You know you've got a whole lot to offer.

But we've got so much in common!
Yes, you do.

But that's not fair! No, it's not.

But it started off so well! That was online. A man who tells you that you are taking his breath away, that wants to know if you're real because it seems to good to be true - maybe it is too good to be true (get together in 3D, combine both your fears, and watch it wilt).

Maybe it will be different with me because we have so much in common and I feel like I have found my kindred spirit Well, ever since some chick got a bit emotionally attached to one of Adam's emotionally unavailable grandkids, women have been thinking ridiculous things like this.

Oh well, you can't blame a girl for trying. And that one was definitely worth trying. I never actually really thought there was someone out there who I could feel such a connection to, to be honest. This felt kinda amazing to me. But it turns out it was only a one-way street.

Oh well. At least this post'll make one person very happy.

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