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Friday 8 February 2008

Lester the Jungle Doggy
Hey, Nigel,
mow the damn lawn
before the snakes and giant venomous
spiders come in and kill us all
in our sleep - this is the plight of the
suburban Australian, Jennifer, so think twice
before venturing over :)

Clouds should really
only be attempted
when you have an amazing camera
but I can't help myself


Confucius say, buy flowers from supermarket
at 10pm on a Sunday night
- then they're, like, 2 bucks a bunch
and you can buy 2 bunches
and feel rich all week

I was gonna wait till I got my scanner to post some pics of my collages but here's one anyway. This is my present and my future. That's me, out on a limb.

This is a crap photo but anyway. You probably can't even really see it. This one is about my creativity. That there up top right-hand-side is a picture of the Eiffel Tower, in honour of Lucy, who shall be Paris-ing in a few weeks, and myself, who hopes to be Paris-ing sometime before I die (France and Italy, thanks very much)

Written on that cheeky chick's cheek is "Let yourself go".

And up the top I wrote, "Paper tigers do paper roars".

I put the tiger in, then realised afterwards it's made out of paper - a paper tiger :)

And me. Wearing sexy dressing gown. And computer glasses. Hmm. I'm one of my favourite things. There's a long list of things I'd like to change but still, for all that, I'm still one of my own favourite things (and I love what Barbara has to say here about being imperfect vessels).

It feels funny being one of my favourite things. It sounds like I've got tickets on myself. But it's not like that at all. I don't reckon there ends up being that much wrong about loving yourself.

Happy almost Saturday, bloggers :0)

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