Kindred ripples

Sunday 30 March 2008

Do you ever have bolts of recognition with people you meet? That indefinable feeling that you have come across a kindred spirit, that you are resonating on the same frequency, so that you kind of ripple together like a pond? I have. And then tonight, again, I just watched one, on the television, writer and essayist Barbara Blackman whose thirst for knowledge, truth, reality echoes my own. I am tempted to say that if I can have the rich life she has had then I will be happy ... but really, in some ways, very strangely, I feel like I am already there. Not on the outside, but on the inside.

How strange when something punches you in the gut, when it feels like there is something important going on here for you, something to follow and see where it leads, and you don't know why. You're left wondering, "What is the significance here? Why has this affected me so?"

Feels like Christmas when that happens :) Christmas in Wonderland.

I was bored out of my skull before, stressing like a banshee. Now, suddenly, I feel safely centred in the present once again. In the now. Right now. Nowhere else. Noice :)


  1. Hi Sue,

    With the crazy life you lead, I can't imagine you ever being bored. I've been wanting to check out your blog and finally did. It looks great! You're very creative.

    Love you, gal.

  2. Hey Aida :) My life is so not crazy, believe me. It's quite dull and quiet, really :) Thanks for the compliments

  3. The Inside ... yeah!!!
    I don't think I've been bored for even a moment my entire life.

  4. Dream - oh, lucky you! Being bored feels like a monumental sin to me whenever I'm looking at the sky's cloud formations, or anything else vaguely intersting. I always think, "But there's 3 million books I want to read!" whenever I consider things to do when bored. I hate being bored ...


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