April Fool!

Tuesday 1 April 2008

God is playing April Fool jokes with the weather. It fair dinkum feels like Spring out there. Maybe it's just too much looking at pictures of Kent's garden, but it's something more than that, external, outside of me. It seriously seriously feels like Spring, with all the delirium that entails.

Alas, it is Autumn, and the days are shortening and it is in fact steeping towards Winter and cold and lack of light and depression.

But I don't even care 'cause it feels like Spring and I want to dance and be a fool except I can't because my nose if full of snot and my throat is sore. How weird is this - my art therapist said to me last night that I might have a bit of a "healing crisis" after doing chakra work - well I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a bit of a runny nose and I've been sneezing all day - and that is all linked in with my throat chakra, which is also linked in with the thyroid, which in my case has been fucked up.

And so all that to say - I feel like this has done some good. And I'll even go so far as to say that I really really roolly reckon there is something in all of this stuff. And I haven't even begun talking about colour therapy yet and how all colours are actually just different types of vibrating energy, but give me time. Just as soon as I crawl out from chanting under my pyramid :) And maybe the chakra stuff is some sort of placebo, but so be it. I'm a good postmodern girl ... I'll take my results in whatever package they choose to deliver themselves in :) And I don't think you can compare this type of thing to, say, taking a pill - I don't know what's going on in my body but I do have a renewed appreciation for the power of my mind.

Happy Spring, everyone!!! :) Signed, your friendly neighbourhood Zen Universalist Hindu Christian :)

And happy birthday to my favourite April Fool, Andrea, my second favourite cousin in the whole world (after Glenys)!! MWAH MWAH MWAH


  1. Well Sue its Spring up topside of the world and if you people didn't go arranging your seasons backwards it would be spring for you too. But no you had to be different.

    Speaking of things being different and upsidedown I just posted about reincarnation and then came over here and see you posting about chakras. What is the world coming to? The me of my early christian journey would have thought that the the likes of me and you, today, are examples of people being lead astray by some type of end time deception.

    What would we think of ourselves in 10 or 15 years time if we could see ahead? I am glad that we can't to be honest.

  2. Oh yes I would have been there too, thinking how heretical we both are. Maybe we are ... I don't know. All I can do is walk in what truth I think I am seeing. If I get deceived then I get deceived, I guess - I can't waste my time feeling fearful that I am end times deceived but I'm sure there are a million good grey Christians out there who would say we both are and quote chapter and verse to prove it :)

    I'm glad I can't see ahead either. It's kinda scary in a way, ain't it :)

  3. years ago i would have read this and felt sorry for the two of you and your sorry arses. But today sue, you crack me up, and that's a good thing.

    Happy Spring my friendly neighborhood Zen Universalist Hindu Christian :)

  4. Did you send me your crappy germs? You woke up on April 1st before I did, and I woke up in the same condition (sneezing, throat, snot, etc.) Certainly can't blame mine on chakra work. ;)

    Oh, but the birds are chirping and it truly is spring here. The color is starting to come back!

    BTW, I wouldn't have read your blog just 21 months ago - maybe even 18 months ago. I've traveled far in a short time, sister!

  5. We're finally getting a dose of spring today after an extended winter! Yech!

    Oh, and I heard a rumor that Google Australia is now offering the ability to search in the future. Stu asked about seeing ourselves in the future - now you can!

  6. ahuh! I knew it, you were always a Glenys fan...well fine, just go and move to Maroochydore and hang out with her then ;) Bet she wont listen to you crap on about chakras ;)

  7. While there are still piles of filthy snow left everywhere (it may not be until July before it all melts where it is dumped), the sidewalks have cleared and I refuse to wear boots any longer. Mother Nature's April Fool joke is 10 degrees Celsius today! Where did that come from?

  8. Dude -
    Like OMG! Maybe we'll hit our depressions around the same time, as mine usually comes at the height of summer. Too much light for too long, too much humidity ... I just wilt. Actually, my depressions have not been severe for many years now, but I still feel a bit low in summer. Call me a weirdo - I already know it!

    Man, Fall is my absolute favorite. Winter is great because it makes me feel cozy. Spring is rockin' goodness as I play in the garden.

    Sorry to hear about the snot fest - big EW!

  9. Love your readers! The blend is refreshing to say the least!

    I didn't know people suffered depression in hot weather....I mean like the numbers that go under in the winter time.

    We are all such amazing creatures, religion, health, no - I don't think I would like the ability to foresee the future - global warming is about all I can stand to think about in that way right now.

    Thanks Sue = feel better!

  10. Kent - why, looky how long you've come. One day, glares at a heretical cow, the next day, laughing at that heretical cow. What a journey! :)

    Tina - I'm sorry I sent the crappy germs. But I woke up and thought, "Dammit if Tina isn't going down wth me." See how powerful I am? I'm a witch :)

    Awww, enjoy your Springtime!!!

    Erin - that's a great new gadget Google Australia has come up with ;) I looked you up in the year 2040 and wow, that purple and black hair, dude, looks great! Matches your car - and your wheelchair :)

    Andi - no, I think her chakra threshold would be very low. Maybe I'll just stick with you instead :)

    Barbara - you say "10 degrees celcius" as if that's an amazing good thing. I guess it all depends on our perspective, doesn't it :) That's probably almost hot to you :)

    Dream - hey, cool! So we are in mood sync even though on different sides of the planet! That's cool. Drop me a line in a few months and we can moan together :) (in an entirely non-sexual way) I do like the cosy elements of Winter definitely. I love the stuff I get to cook in Winter. It's just the lack of light makes me melt like the wicked wtch of the west into the floor in a fog. definitely time for some more light therapy this year (works, that)

    SS - yes, what a cool bunch of readers read here. Heretics all, destined to be burnt at the stake. We are amazing creatures, aren't we. We underestimate ourselves in this culture, often. Thanks for wishes :)

  11. The f*ing future thing must not work at all. I won't be in a wheelchair until at least 2050.

  12. Hopefully never, dude. I wanna go out like my Grandpa. The day he died, he'd ridden his bike up the shop, and had a bath, then died. Sounds good to me! No wheelchairs, no nursing homes.


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