One day I hope ...

Wednesday 12 March 2008

To lay in the grass here and tell these pansies (petunias?) about how I knew the photographer who captured their great, great grandparents for posterity.

Unless she's there too. Who knows?

How about you? What do you one day hope?


  1. One day I hope to set foot anywhere that isn't North America.

  2. I hope that one day I will be content to be where I am with what I am doing. Not because it's good or noble or anything selfless, but because I've found that wherever I go, I take myself. I have never been happy in the little traveling I have done, because my expectations were always more than reality.

    If I can be content I would like to visit Ireland, Austria, Italy and Africa more than anywhere else. I also wouldn't mind meeting Putin, but I think I might do what I did with Wyland..ugh.:)


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