A computer fairytale

Thursday 17 April 2008

This is like a computing fairy story: Samantha has been running out of room for months. I have bought some blank CDs to start transferring my photos onto it, seeing they were taking up 2 gig of room. I took The Sims 2 off here (she balks at running it anyway; indeed, it's so damn graphics intensive that the last time I ran it, it wouldn't even load it at all and I thought I'd broken the DVD drive). I took Simcity 4 off as well.

Then last night, I started thinking, "Well, dammit, I've deleted everything. How come I STILL don't have any room on here? The hard drive is 40 gigs; it must all be going somewhere."

So I decided to actually manually trawl through the drive and see what the hell was on there. Came across a folder called SYMCLOGS. Turns out that it contains logs that Norton Antivirus produces. Turns out you can delete most of them. Turns out there were over 22,000 files on there, which was taking up 20 GIGABYTES of space.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 GIGABYTES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's half my drive space I have managed to get back in one swell foop. So if you're running Norton Antivirus, and running out of space at the same time, take a look. It's in a folder in your c: drive called c:/symclogs. It won't let you delete all of them, but most of them you can.

20 gigabytes!!!

I'm excited. What a happy ending. Now I'm going off to load Theme Park back on. That's what I'm doing. Waste me some time :)


  1. I never did like Norton stuff - expensive, slow, system-clogging - and now it turns out it leaves its droppings all over your HD. 20 gigs! That's obscene...


  2. It is obscene, isn't it. I can't believe it. That's why I originally called this post Pornographic Computer Story. But then the longer I looked at it the more bizarre it sounded so I changed it :)

    20 GIG! 20! 20, Mike! 20!!!

    :) I cannae believe it.

  3. When my current subscription to Norton expires, I plan to use a different less slow and system-clogging. Thanks for the tip. It might save me buying a new computer. My local cyberdude checked out my computer and told me it is slow only because of Norton. It has kept the beasties out, this I give it.


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