Dangerous prayers

Thursday 17 April 2008

In certain aspects of my life, adventurousness is pretty thin on the ground for me these days. I feel like a bit of a wussbag a reasonable portion of the time. I know that will change in the future. But for me, at the moment, the most adventurous I get is venturing into the land of creativity (which really is very adventurous) or venturing into the land of dangerous prayers (terribly, unbelievably adventurous).

So I can be having a relatively dull-from-outward-appearances day at home doing not very much at all, and yet write a poem and then pray something like this, and spiritually and emotionally it's akin to a day of sky diving.

The world really is very strange. Not very much is what it seems, is it? The duck glides gently on the top of the pond, legs scrabbling underneath. Flowers grow silently, hidden behind buds, unseen, and then spring to life, full of colour.

The spirit moves ever onwards towards Life. It can do nothing else. It is in love. The flesh, the flesh writhes and screams on the floor like the melting Wicked Witch of the West crying, "Do you know what you are saying? Stop praying those prayers!" :) But the spirit loves Love.


  1. The Spirit is always moving towards life. Sue, do you think there is a turning point in this transition, that when another part of the flesh is being exposed for the death march it is, that we will be living so aware of the rejoicing of the spirit in those moments to the point that we no longer scream like the Wicked Witch of the West?

  2. Hmmmm, interesting :)

    Maybe! Maybe the flesh gets subdued, so that spirit is stronger? Do you think? But then I find it hard to compare, because even now my flesh feels really strong, and my spirit feels weak, but my spirit feels steadfast cause it's in Lurve, and it just sets its face (when it hears the Shepherd say "come") and walks even with the writhing Wicked Witch in the corner.

    But yes, maybe there is a time, a turning point. The Wicked Witch doesn't always scream even now.

    What do you think?

  3. Sue, speaking for myself, I am convinced that the more we grow in our understanding of Papa's true character and our ture identity in Him the battle between the two is brought to a conclusion. The Spirit wins. Grace sets us free indeed.


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